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About Us

A Luxurious Experience

Many of today’s day spas are still designed around the traditional day spa concept of providing a full day of pampering. Yet, the vast majority of today’s spa goers, however, simply do not fit this mold. 90% of today’s spa goers are busy women who don’t have entire days to indulge themselves. Instead, they are simply trying to carve out a few hours. Era Skin Lounge was founded to help welcome this escape from their hectic days, while, first and foremost, providing treatments that most effectively addresses their specific needs all while pampering and indulging in a relaxing environment that feels as if time stands still.

At Era Skin Lounge, we have designed the approach around the modern, yet timeless spa goer. The treatments are the center of our universe, focusing primarily on effectiveness, with a generous dose of luxury and relaxation thrown in for good measure. The environment is elegant, clean, and aesthetically interesting without the weight of the normal spa pretensions or attitude. Our people are friendly and welcoming, with a fanatical devotion both to helping people and to excelling in their fields of expertise.


317 N. El Camino Real, Suite 20+

Encinitas, Ca 92024

(760) 494-0199 Call or Text

Hours: By Appointment Only

Monday-Thursday: 10AM - 7PM

Friday, & Saturday: Limited Availability

Sunday: Closed

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